Usus Kecil (Si)

Gambar meridian Usus Kecil – Tai Yang tangan

meridian SI

Small Intestine Hand Old Yang
SI-1 Shaoze 少泽 Lesser Marsh, Little Marsh
On the little (lesser) finger, where it is shiny and glossy as the wet surface of a marsh. The ‘Marsh Gate’ was the name of one of the ancient gates of a city.
Also the entrance of the channel’s qi, previously stored up (as in a marsh). Whenever things have a bright lustre to them, they may also be called ze or ‘marshy’. The finger-nail itself is bright and shiny and the point is right up against the nail.

SI-3 Houxi 后溪 Back Ravine, Back Stream
Lying in a depression (ravine) behind the finger joint.

SI-4 Wangu 腕骨 Wrist Bone
The usual anatomical name for the carpal bone on the outer side of the wrist. The point shares the same name.

SI-5 Yanggu 阳谷 Yang Valley
Lying within Hand Old Yang in the valley-like depression on the outer (Yang) side of the wrist. The Yuan-source point of the channel and effective in alleviating impotence, sexual (presumably, Yang) weakness.

SI-6 Yanglao 养老 Nourishing the Old
Used to restore vitality in old people when there is insufficiency of the Yang. It improves eyesight, and strengthens bone and muscle.

SI-7 Zhizheng 支正 Upright Branch
The Luo-junction point of the Hand Old Yang where it branches directly into the Heart Hand Young Yin.
Another view is that when the point is found the forearm should be held straight upright.

SI-16 Tianchuang 天容 Heavenly Window
The point is named the ‘Window of the Upper Body’ – Heaven can refer to the upper third of the body. Thus it’s used as ‘a door to above’, to relieve and open up the head region. It treats the openings in the upper part of the body – eye, mouth, nose, ear, etc. Compare Tianyou SJ-16, Heavenly Window.

SI-18 Quanliao 颧髎 Cheek Bone
Located in a prominent notch in the bone of the cheek.

SI-19 Tinggong 听宫 Listening Palace
In front of the ear and used often in ear diseases. The palace or precious place for healing ear problems.


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