SanJiao (Sj/Te)

Gambar Meridian San Jiao (Three Energizer) – Shao Yang Tangan

Meridian SJ

Three-Heater Hand Young Yang
SJ-1 Guanchong 关冲 Rushing Frontier Gate
For ‘rushing’ see Taichong Liv-3, Great Rushing. The frontier gate is that of Waiguan SJ-5, Outer Frontier Gate.
Guan can also mean curved or crooked. At the end of the ring-finger which is said to be unable to straighten on its own, thus curved or crooked.

SJ-2 Yemen 液门 Fluid (Secretion) Gate
Used to treat all water problems, disturbances in fluid secretions, etc.
This is the Hand Young Yang Ying-spring point. It eliminates heat and facilitates the movement of fluids throughout the body.

SJ-3 Zhongzhu 中渚 Middle Islet
The ‘middle’ can refer to the root of our body’s energy or to the mind and mental states, all of which can be treated at this point. The energies of the mind gather here like a small islet surrounded by water.
Lying on the Hand Young Yang which properly is the foundation of the human body’s Yuan-source energy.

SJ-4 Yangchi 阳池 Yang Pond
A pool of Yang qi on the Hand Young Yang. Also the Yuan-source point of the channel as if water had gathered there in a pool.

SJ-4 Yangbie 阳别 Yang Separate
Another name for Yangchi. Derivation uncertain.

SJ-5 Waiguan 外关 Outer Frontier Gate
The point corresponds to Neiguan P-6, Inner Frontier Gate, but is on the outer surface of the arm. It is a Luo-junction point – the main gate for interconnecting the Hand Young Yang and Hand Absolute Yin.

SJ-6 Zhigou 支沟 Branch Ditch
A ditch is visible when the arm is flexed with the palm facing inwards and elbow bent. The point is at the end of this ditch.
The channel at this point turns – or branches out – changing course.

SJ-6 Feihu飞虎 Flying Tiger
Another name for Zhigou. The point is located by crossing (flying) the forefinger of one hand over the ‘Tiger’s Mouth’ (an alternative name for Hegu Co-4) of the other hand. Where the tip of the forefinger lands is the point.

SJ-10 Tianjing 天井 Heavenly Well
Above the elbow, a hollow depression with tall surrounds – like a well. On the upper part of the body (heaven), like a well it contains the clear, pure qi of the channel. The clear Yang qi fills the four limbs and the three Jiao (sanjiao) of the body – it lies on the Three Heater Hand Young Yang. Also the name of a star.

SJ-16 Tianyou 天牖 Heavenly Window
A window lets in air and brings in the light. This point acts to open and relieve the whole upper third of the body (the ‘heaven’ of the body). For its use compare and distinguish Tianchuang SI-16, Heavenly Window.

SJ-17 Yifeng 翳风 Wind Screen
High on the neck near the rim of a high collar, which would usually protect one from problems caused by ‘wind’ diseases, it acts as a screen.
See also Fengmen Bl-12, Wind Gate, for example.

SJ-19 Luxi 颅息 Skull Breathless
Used to awaken and quieten the mind, thus enabling breathing; also to treat dizziness or stuffiness in the head. As xi also means to ‘cease’ or ‘rest’, the point could be named Skull Resting, indicating the same effects.

SJ-21 Ermen 耳门 Ear Gate
At the gate to the ear through which sound has to travel in. Used to treat ear diseases.

SJ-22 Sizhukong 丝竹空 Silk Bamboo Hollow
The eyebrow is like a tiny leaf of bamboo, and the point lies in a hollow at the end of the brow. ‘Silk’ signifies fine or tiny.
See Zanzhu Bl-2, Collected Bamboo.

SJ-22 Yuwei 鱼尾 Fish-Tail
Another name for Sizhukong. Just outside the outer canthus of the eye, the narrowing of the eye is seen as evocative of the tail of a fish.





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