Limpa (Sp)

Gambar meridian Limpa – Tai Yin Kaki

meridian SP


Spleen Foot Old Yin
Sp-1 Yinbai 隐白 Retired White
The Foot Old Yin which belongs to the element Earth. Earth generates Metal associated with the colour white). At this point the channel has just begun and the Metal qi is still hidden (retired) within the Earth. Compare Taibai Sp-3, Supreme White, and Shangqiu Sp-5, Merchant Mound, below.

Sp-2 Dadu 大都 Great Capital
The point lies next to the big (great) toe joint, which is the main, capital toe joint on the foot.

Sp-3 Taibai 太白 Supreme White
The Yuan-source point of the Foot Old Yin which belongs to the element Earth. Earth generates Metal (associated with the colour white). Here the channel’s qi has grown supreme so it naturally passes it on.
Supreme White is also the name for Venus – the most brilliant planet in the sky.

Sp-4 Gongsun 公孙 Prince’s Grandson
The Luo-junction point of the Foot Old Yin. The Jing is the prince (or grandfather) and the Luo is the grandson – who leads through to Stomach Foot Yangming.
Another explanation gives the Liver as the prince, the Heart fire as the son and the Foot Old Yin as the grandson. Gongsun was also a surname associated with the legendary Yellow Emperor, who is said to have discovered the point.

Sp-5 Shangqiu 商丘 Merchant Mound, Merchant Hill
At this point the Metal qi accumulates and piles up like a mound. Shang is the ancient tone of the pentatonic scale associated with Metal and this is the Metal point of the channel.
‘Merchant’ is another meaning of shang. See Shaoshang Lu-11, Little Merchant. Compare also Yinbai Sp-1, Retired White, and Taibai Sp-3, Supreme White, above.

Sp-6 Sanyinjiao 三阴交 Three Yin Junction, Three Yin Crossing, Triple Junction,
Yin Junction, Yin Crossing (Leg)
The junction of the three Yin channels of the foot, the Spleen Old Yin, Liver Absolute Yin and Kidney Young Yin.

Sp-8 Diji 地机 Earth Motivator
Important for treating all problems in the lower half of the body (also known as the ‘Earth’ of the body), problems in the abdomen or lower limbs. The motivator or pivot of the two Earth channels, Stomach Foot Yangming and Spleen Foot Old Yin.

Sp-9 Yinlingquan 阴陵泉 Yin Mound Spring
Situated beneath the projection (mound) of the medial condyle of the tibia where the channel’s qi bursts out like a spring. A point of the Foot Old Yin.

Sp-10 Xuehai 血海 Blood Sea, Sea of Blood
Has the function of regulating blood, keeping it moving normally. A sea acts as a reservoir. The Spleen Foot Old Yin has ‘much blood and little Qi’, the Stomach Foot Yangming has ‘much blood, much Qi’. See the ‘Streamer’.

Sp-12 Chongmen 冲门 Rushing (the) Gate
Lying on the lower abdomen. It is the place where the energies of the body can begin perversely to rush upwards, causing discomfort, possibly distension of the abdomen. Compare Qichong St-30, Energy Rushing.

Sp-15 Daheng 大横 Great Horizontal
In the middle of the human body, on the horizontal crease next to the navel. See also Wushu GB-27, Five Hubs. Heng is the name for the horizontal brush-stroke in calligraphy – very indicative of this crease.
The Thousand Remedies states that the Zhangmen Liv-13, Chapter Gate, is on the crease out from Great Horizontal – out directly from the navel until you reach the tip of the floating rib.

Sp-21 Dabao 大包 Great Enveloping
The last point on the Foot Old Yin, where it plunges into the body. The physical spleen corresponds to the central element, Earth, surrounded (enveloped) by the other four internal organs – liver, lungs, heart and kidney.



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