Jantung (Ht)

Gambar meridian Jantung – Shao Yin Tangan

meridian HT

Heart Hand Young Yin
He-1 Jiquan 极泉 Ultimate Source
This highest point named quart, spring or source, on the body. Thus it is the highest (ultimate) spring – from which the channel’s qi pours down along the Hand Young Yin.

He-3 Shaohai 少海 Little Sea, Small Sea
The Hand Young Yin (little) channel is like a river running to the sea. The He-sea point of the channel.

He-4 Lingdao 靈道 Spirit Path
Ling means spiritual, in the sense of marvellous or magical. It stresses quality, and is also the metal point of the Heart Hand Young Yin channel.

He-5 Tongli 通里 Penetrating Inside
The Luo-junction point of the Hand Young Yin connecting the Young Yin with the Small Intestine Hand Old Yang. The channel penetrates deep within (inside) the abdomen and small intestine.

He-6 Yinxi 阴郄 Yin Crevice, Yin Mound
The Xi-cleft point or ‘crevice’ for storing the channel’s qi of the Hand Young Yin.

He-7 Shenmen 神门 Spirit Gate
The Shen or spirit of the Heart is the Yang qi of the body. The spirit, mood or state of mind is directly affected by this point, the Yuan-source point of the Hand Young Yin. It is the gate for the spirit to exit or enter by. The spirit is said to be the root of life, the body is said to be the tool of life. The heart acts as root to the body’s vitality. The Taoists, in The Book of Shadowy Tally, named the eyes the Spirit Gate.

He-9 Shaochong 少冲 Little Rushing In
The Jing-well point of the Hand Young Yin, or little Yin, where the channel’s qi is just beginning. At the tip of the little finger where the channel’s qi is still young, weak and undeveloped. For ‘rushing’ see Taichong Liv-3, Great Rushing.

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