extra point

Extra Points
Xiaogukong 小骨空 Small(er) Bone Cavity
On the side of the little finger, between the two joints, in the depression formed when the finger is bent. Compare Dagukong EX, Great Bone Cavity. Derivation is self-explanatory.

Dagukong 大骨空 Great(er) Bone Cavity
On the side of the thumb in the area between its two joints. A depression appears when the thumb is bent. Derivation is self-explanatory.

Bailao 百劳 Every Weariness, Hundred Wearinesses
One location is two cun directly above Dazhui Du-14, Great Hammer, upon the back, one cun either side of the central line. Moxibustion is mostly used. Obviously effective for ‘every weariness’.

Xiyan 膝眼 Eye of the Knee
Descriptive of its position. The point lies in the eye of the knee.

Taiyang 太阳 Greater Yang
On the lateral (Yang) surface of the body close to the temple, which is a place where many of the Yang channels come close together. Also the anatomical name for this area.

Zhongwan 中腕 Middle Wrist
Self-explanatory. The point is located within the wrist.

Zhongkui 中魁 Middle and Best
Located on the back of the middle finger, in the centre of the crease over the second joint. The finger is bent to select it. Moxibustion is mostly used.
Derivation of the name is uncertain.

Yintang 印堂 Seal Hall
Located between the eyebrows in the area where a red mark (seal) was often placed as a sign of enlightened wisdom. The ‘hall’ refers to this holy place.

Kuangu 截骨 Thigh Bone
On the front outer edge of the thigh, in a slight depression one cun to the side of Liangqiu St-34, Hill Ridge. For another way of locating it see Yang Jizhou’s commentary on its mention in the ‘Mystery’. The name is selfexplanatory.

Erbai 二白 Two Whites
Located four cun directly up from Daling P-7, Great Mound, two fen either side of Jianshi P-5, The Intermediary – four points in all. Derivation uncertain.

Beifeng 背缝 Back Crease
Derivation obvious – it is positioned at the tip of the shoulder-bone directly down from the tip of the underarm crease.

Zhongfeng 中缝 Middle Stitch
Located centrally beneath the tongue, where the tongue appears stitched to its muscle beneath. One of the thirteen ‘devil’ points of Sun Simiao; see notes to the ‘Magnanimity’. Used for men instead of Yumen EX, Jade Gate, below.

Yumen 玉门 Jade Gate
The ‘devil’ point of Sun Simiao used for women instead of either Zhongfeng EX, Middle Stitch (see above), or Huiyin Ren-1, Meeting Yin. It is located on the head.